How To Buy Quality Solar Panel Systems

Which Solar Panels Are The Best?

Dirty and clouded glass will eventually reduce the your solar panels efficiency. Broken glass and other pests and broken branches on your roofing can eventually dramatically decrease the efficiency of your solar panel system over time. Hazards such as heavy water downpours and solar panel electricity does not mix well and can cause some serious hazards. Why not contact us for a FREE ROOFING INSPECTION with every solar panel cleaners are the best service our professional roofing contractors service.

When choosing your solar panels, make sure you know the difference between
monocrystalline, and other types of solar panels such as polycrystalline or amorphous solar panel and always makes sure the glass used is tempered and treated quality glass, this will greatly increase the durability of your solar panel system. The type of glass used should be stated on the solar panel itself, so when looking at the sample or solar panel itself, make sure its tempered glass and not some cheap fragile glass that often breaks easily and will cause you all sorts of solar panel problems and decrease in efficiency. That’s why Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide recommend regular solar care maintenance in South Australia and all metropolitan suburbs

Temppered Glass Solar Panels
Tempered glass, which is also referred to as safety glass and is much stronger and durable than normal glass. Now in Adelaide, South Australia all glass in home doors and windows need to be replaced with tempered glass. So if the glass is tempered on the solar panels you bought or are looking to buy then you can be sure the solar panels are tough enough to handle a good beating. The tempered glass is manufactured and produced by using heated thermal, chemical mixtures and cooling down methods to create the strengthened glass. Tempered glass will be strong enough to only crack but not shattered if hit extremely hard and it makes it much safer, instead of shards of glass everywhere.

Cheaper Solar Panel Installations
If you want a more cost effective solar panel solution than monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels come from thousands of different solar panel manufacturing companies around the world such as China; Sometimes if you go through a more reputable solar panel manufacturing company can find amorphous solar panels which are really thin but covered in far stronger glass coverings and metal casings that will protect the solar panel components inside the the glass protections from the elements and other knocks and heavy damage.

These panels are the most common installed on the roofing in Adelaide, South Australia. Most of the commons solar panels around Adelaide, SA can only use the amphous style panels because its the easiest and cheapest design and most manufacturers just design the solar paels that way.

“morphous panels are usually created by applying special silicon rich gas called silane at high temperatures directly to the back of a glass plate or to a steel plate”

Some manufacturers of solar panels try and create a just as strong solar but but nothing is as strong as the solar panel mentioned above. When buying solar panels this is one of the most crucial things to check on. If the solar panels you are looking at are manufactured this way, you can be sure you are buying a strong, durable and quality solar panel. All the above information should be located on the solar panel itself just look for the safety approval sticker or look at the back of the manufacturers solar panel installation instructions.

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